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Who is this Photography Blog For? In Short… the Weirdos

CamerasI started this blog to be a portfolio, not for me though. I will be inviting people to write different articles on here about photography, pictures, how to use cameras and more. The goal is to eventually have a strong list of posts sharing beautiful photographs. Whether those photographs are of families, cities, buildings, or something completely random – they better be damn pretty.

The thing I love about photography is that it is an art form based around light. Light is such a thing we tai for granted. None of us realize just how important light is until it is gone. The other day I was out with my room mate at a grocery store. We were walking along just fine when out of nowhere… the lights surged off! Everything was in black on Aisle 9! It was so dark. For that moment you are stunned by that deeper darkness… then that moment is over and the bright lights of Americana super stores are back on, kicking away with their electrical buzz. What is interesting about this?

It shows our nature. Our need for the light and our fear of the dark.

The right photographer can use these concepts to really immerse themselves in the power of the photo. I believe this goes for every kind of photographer out there. I know people who take beautiful photos with flip phones for crying out loud! Now that is COOL!

All of that being said, let the games begin!

Enjoy the photographs on my website, feel free to contact me if you have some cool photos you would like to share.

All the best,

-Jacob the Photo Guy

Best Kind of Music Maker to Go With Your Photo Slideshows?

People love slideshows. I don’t care what anyone says, having a good sit down and enjoying good photography is the route to a successful evening when combined with some good beats and some good wine  (or whiskey, who am I to judge, right?).

So I wanted to look into making my own soundtracks for these slideshows. I wanted to create something just OUT THERE. Maybe like some reggae or rap beats, or even dubstep. Hey, I could always autotune myself reading a book too, right? I looked into it and I did find some beat maker software you could use too if you want buy Dr Drum – it is a beat maker software that is super newbie friendly that can have you up and running pretty quickly. That link explains more, it’s a full on review so you can make a good decision.

dr drum download picThe best thing about making your own music whether its for an evening of friends or not, is just to share it. I love the idea that we live in this age where you could go about and make so much art. You could plug in Dr Drum software and literally come out 30 minutes later with a soundtrack for whatever it is you enjoy. You could combine that software with some movie making equipment and create an entire soundtrack for your very own indie movie – or in my case an indie photo slideshow which is the ultimate hipster thing to do.

That is just the age we live in. Everything around us can become inspiration for art with so many easy tools offered to us. One of the things to look for if you DO decide to look into music producing software, is ease of use. You want it to be something that is easy straight out of the gate. No wasted hours spent learning complicated programs you may not even use beyond 10 minutes once you actually realize how much work that program is about to put into your poor beating soul!

One of the things I want is convenience. That is why Dr Drum seems really appealling. Instead of waiting for software or MIDI controllers to get to me, I instead just download the entire digital beat making software and within minutes of my purchase it is on my Mac (or PC if I want to run it on there, that is if I ever GET a PC. Least it’s cool runs on both platforms though).

There is so much out there. Why are you waiting to create something cool? Just go out there and freaking do it man. The world is your oyster and all that good stuff. It’s true too, you have right now more access to tools and software than at any time in human history to create just MAGIC! The only thing is… you got to roll up yours sleeves and you know… actually do something. You can learn more about music making cool stuff over at BeatAuthority.net


Landscaping in Surprise AZ – The Challenges and Rewards

There you are… sitting in your nice comfy home in Arizona… and the urge overcomes you. It is time to renovate. It is time to make this house freakin’ AWESOME! So surprise az landscapingwhat do you do? You call a landscaper company of course. Yet, you tremble on the phone, you want it all. You’re about to drop loads of cash on a new firepit, brand new jacuzzi and a sweet refreshing pool cooly heated to match those hot summer days… your heart pounds. Are you even making the right decision here? Is this company reputable? Can you trust them?

The thing is, everyone who has done ANY kind of landscaping in Surprise AZ knows that the desert comes with its own unique challenges. The biggest one? Hiring the right company. It seems so simple at the outset. Pay attention though young buck. I am going to learn you up something fierce if you stay with me here and read this (self?) help article!

So the rules of this game is research. If you are going drop $20k on a new rock entrance way, you better be damn sure you are looking into this and understanding what company you are buying this service from is all about. The first thing is… do they have a website? If they don’t, cut them from the list. It’s 2015, any self respecting business should have a website by now. Even techno challenged entrepreneurs in the landscaping world have a website. They obviously do no not have their stuff together if they are still representing their business by having a Yellow Pages ad. (Sorry!)

The other thing to check next is their facebook page. You could check Yelp too but I’m more of a fan of facebook since Yelp has had some pretty scandalous stuff with their reviewers. Not that they’re a bad website or anything, facebook pages are just typically more honest. A lot more feedback from everyday clients. Read some of those posts. Heck, check to see if they have a twitter too (super savvy landscaping companies definitely DO use twitter and even pinterest, pinterest is an awesome place to share landscaping ideas after all).

If all else fails and you are STILL having trouble finding a reputable company in Arizona, you might just want to check out luxurylandscapefinder.com as they have all their landscapers vetted that are listed on that website. Still, even if you DO choose to use that directory, make sure you do your due diligence. We are talking about potentially serious cash here if you are really going to up your game in your Surprise Arizona home. You want to make that property look fierce! Not dull and having to just redo everything in a year or so after you recover from the financial blow the first time. Just remember that young buckaroo!

Alright so after you do your research, the obvious next thing to do is compare prices. Find a few of these landscaping companies you’ve personally researched into and get an estimate for the job you want done. One person might charge $15k for a fire pit design, while another landscaping company might offer the exact same (or even better) fire pit installation for $5k! That is a huge cost of savings and since you already researched these people, they should both be fairly quality landscapers and competent in their trade (you DID do that, right?!).

That is it. That is the secret. Pretty cloak and dagger stuff, huh? Enjoy your new home design and get back to living it up.

2 Photographs of Cool Commercial Roofs

There is some pretty sweet commercial epdm roofing systems out there nowadays. Back (forever ago it seems like I suppose) it was extremely uncommon to see rubber roofs. Mainly because the whole idea was brand new. EPDM roofs only really came into their own as a common roofing material in the last couple decades really. It takes a while before the market can really fluctuate enough to where it makes a new invention or process common place, the market is slow to adopt new ideas. Though this idea was awesome.

I wanted to share some photographs of of rubber roofs that I believe are awesome.











Pretty cool stuff eh?

These roofing systems are both beautiful and intriguing. Taking these pictures, one can see how the light shadows the roofs in intricate ways. They make plays on the eye and really stand out next to a clear blue sky (or maybe one with some nice white puffy clouds floating lazily by).


Enjoy the pictures! And if you are looking for a place to buy premium roofing products or services, check out The Northern Contractors.

Marketing Your Anchorage Alaska Business

Marketing a business in Anchorage Alaska can be easy, IF you plan it out right. As with any anchorage alaskakind of goal, the goal is best served by having a solid plan of action. Many small businesses forego this plan of action in favor of “gut instinct”.

You might already be “in the know” on acting on such things as gut instinct… but it is usually a pretty bad idea when it comes to marketing. For all the creative power that flows into the marketing world, it is still very much an analytic study on consumer psychology.

That is a big reason I recommend checking out marketing sites like agencyinmotion.net. Because websites like that can be used to educate yourself more on exactly how to market a business, what to do, and how to do it.

Though let us be honest… most small business owners whether they are in Anchorage Alaska or Washington DC just do not have the time to manage a website all on their own. No matter what they know about internet marketing, their time is eaten up by hundreds of other responsibilities that come with being a business owner.

That is one of the BIGGEST reasons to hire out to another agency or business that specializes in the kind of marketing you want done for your business.

Creating a marketing plan has a huge benefit as the owner of agencyinmotion.netwould suggest.  By creating such a plan, you have actionable steps you can follow. A guideline of what kind of progress you can expect.

It is important as you go through the rote of routine and start implementing real advertising efforts that you realize it will not be a one hit wonder out of the gate. In fact, most marketing pushes end up as giant failures. This is totally normal. Most business owners give up on any advertising to the Anchorage market after only their first few failures.

It is these first failures that all the important data is collected. A savvy marketer can use the response rates and the actions from previous campaign attempts to improve upon the ROI of each successive campaign thereafter. This is known as the process of split testing and it is an extremely powerful concept for you to understand.

As a small business owner, if you can pay the same amount of money for a radio ad and you can have an ad that converts at 10% or an ad that converts at 50% – which one would you choose?

The 50% of course!

However, you only get to that 50%  (typically) by split testing MANY different ads over a period of time, thus failures are always inevitable.

So the lessons are…

Create an action plan.

Do not trust “Gut instincts” on making important marketing decisions.

FOLLOW YOUR PLAN! Or hire someone who understands the kind of marketing you want done so they can do it for you! In fact, the second option is really the best so you can focus on what you are best at – which is running your business successfully!